Nature is the mother of all living beings and the one that keeps our planet alive.
That is why I think that everyone should collaborate to take care of it, preserve it and ultimately try not to do more damage to it than it has already received.
We have to take into account that our environment, our climate, are the feelings through which our mother earth, our planet, expresses herself.
During the last centuries she has been very supportive of us…because if she had only reacted with a quarter of the damage received by human beings…surely none of us would be here…
It is very important for humanity that we show solidarity with the environment and take care of our planet, so that our future generations can enjoy nature and above all so that the planet does not disappear into a small part of the universe, where only one star will remain with its brightness it reminds us why we did not know how to take care of our mother earth
The reality is lived day by day with the global warming of the planet, with climate change that we must stop among all humanity so as not to further damage our nature.
Any action to conserve it, no matter how small, is valid to take care of it, maintain it and extend the life of our planet.
That is why we have to recycle, we have to conserve natural resources, we must reduce the overexploitation of raw materials in order to protect habitats and this will allow us to save energy.
All these actions imply a collective effort where recycling, reusing and reducing translates into valuable benefits for our planet,
Take care of our planet, help us to coexist with our nature, stop climate change and show solidarity with our environment.
Alexis Pellicer i Gil.
Julia Gil Cors, Sergi Fem Terreta i 3 persones més

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Alexis Pellicer i Gil.
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